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SA010 Shenoy Audiophile Earphones

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The debut audiophile earphone has arrived. From the house of GRAMMY Award Nominated Artist, Producer and Audio Engineer ARUN SHENOY, Shenoy Audio is happy to announce the release of its first ever audiophile wired earphone, the SA010.

The earphone is packaged with 7 sets of ear tips to suit every music lover for hours of uninterrupted enjoyment - 3 sets of memory foam ear tips (S/M/L sizes), 3 sets of silicon single-flange ear tips (S/M/L sizes) and one set of silicon duo-flange ear tips (M size). Our design team has also included a custom airline adapter for use with in-flight entertainment systems.

built-in mic supports clear voice calls.

Premium speaker drivers with N52 NdFeB magnets ensure pristine audio quality with excellent frequency resolution.

The voicing of the earphone is based around a modified version of the Harman Curve. The Harman Curve (also referred to as the Harman Target) is the optional sound signature that most people prefer in their headphones. It is a close representation of how quality speakers sound in an ideal room. It shows the target frequency response of perfectly sounding headphones, what levels should be boosted, and which subdued. That is why the Harman Curve is one of the best frequency response standards for enjoying music with headphones. Compared to the flat response, the Harman Curve has slightly elevated bass and treble (A few dB on each side). The Harman Curve sound signature is a close approximation of flat speakers in a studio environment. Due to room reverberation, it technically doesn't sound neutral, but it is still a close representation of what an original recording should sound like. So, to experience the music as intended, we have voiced the SA010 with a slight modification of the Target's voicing that we recommend.

This earphone was created for Audiophiles but can also serve the needs of professional music production. Since the Target is an attempt at recreating the sound of a pair of loudspeakers in a room, we believe it is a good starting point for earphones to use for music production.

Product Specifications

  • Model: SA010
  • Type: In-Ear Earphone
  • Driver Type: Dynamic, 4.9mm, N52 NdFeB
  • Frequency response: 18-23KHz
  • Impedance: 16 Ohms ±15%
  • Sensitivity: 99±3dB @1KHz, 1mW
  • Cord: Tangle-free TPU, 200D Kevlar, 1.2m, black
  • TRRS: 3.5mm, gold-plated
  • In-Line Controller: Yes, volume up/down
  • Microphone: Yes, #5 MEMS type, -42dB±3dB
  • Ear tips: extra 6 pairs (3x memory foam, 3x silicon) in sizes S,M & L
  • Pouch: Yes
  • Protective Case: Yes
  • Airline Adapter: Yes

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