• Audiophile Sound Quality

    Premium Voicing by Arun Shenoy with rich bass, natural mids and full highs.

    With better dynamics and natural overall tonality, enjoy music as the artist intended

  • Cutting Edge Speaker Drivers

    Next generation 45 mm Bio-Composite Speaker Diaphragms paired with high end N35 Neodymium magents. Pristine and accurate sound reproduction giving you every bit of detail

  • Powerful Active Noise Cancellation

    Hyrbid Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology with 4 unique microphones. Extended range of noise supression up to 30dB

  • Extended Battery Life

    Large 1050mAh battery for a whopping 50 hours of music playback and talk time. Rapid USB-C based charging

  • Multipoint Connections

    Simultaneous connection to two devices. Seamless switching

  • Ambient Mode

    External microphones to let you hear outside ambient sound. Listen to music with clarity while being able to hear your surroundings

  • Crystal Clear Voice Calls

    Voice calls with Noise Cancellation Technology. Suppress background noise and echo feedback for a quieter and superior user experience

  • Wireless & Wired Modes

    3.5mm audio aux cable with high quality inline microphone. Voice calls in wired mode with high quality inline microphone

  • Headphone Impedance Adapter

    220Ω Headphone Impedance Adapter with 3.5mm audio plug for using the ANC feature in standalone mode. Also useful for wired connection with high powered audio devices such as external amplifiers

  • Premium Comfort and Storage

    Premium comfort with soft replaceable memory ear cups (sold separately), colapsible form factor. Included signature leather pouch and protective hard case

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  • Lonnie Park (2 Time GRAMMY® Award Winning Producer)

    "The Shenoy ELEVATE headphones wrap you in a truly warm and intimate listening experience where the outside world disappears and every detail of the content is heard and felt"

  • Christopher Tin (2 Time GRAMMY® Award Winning Producer)

    "I use the Shenoy ELEVATE headphones for my pleasure listening, when I'm looking to unwind at the end of the day. The sound isolation is fantastic, and the ear pads are super comfortable. They have a rich bottom end, but still manage to maintain detail in the upper frequencies, which has led me to rediscover some of my favorite jazz and folk records. A very luxurious and introspective listening experience"

  • Masa Takumi (GRAMMY® Award Winning Artist)

    "Accurate and clean sound reproduction. Super comfortable too and great features. Domo arigato Shenoy Audio for great sounds!"

  • Kitt Wakeley (GRAMMY® Award Winning Artist)

    "I absolutely love the Shenoy ELEVATE headphones. They have a fanastic balanced sound, while being well designed and having an aesthetically cool vibe. The Shenoy ELEVATE is superb for all my audiophile needs"

  • Lucky Diaz (GRAMMY® Award Winning Artist)

    "THe Shenoy ELEVATE headphones are the sonic equivalent of sitting in yoru luxury sedan underneath a cozy blanket while sipping your favorite bourbon. Smooth and balanced dyanmics, lusicious bass that's clear, defined and warm. Treble is even and the prffect amount of brightness. Incredibly comfortable and a pleasure to experience. A joy to finally find a pair of headphones that represents but does not color"

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